Giving Preservation a History

In this volume, some of the best figures in the field have come together to write on preservation movements across the country, from New York to Atlanta to Santa Fe and others. Giving Preservation a History also touches on the European roots of the historic preservation movement; on how preservation movements have taken a leading role in shaping American urban space and urban development; how historic preservation battles have reflected broader social forces; and what the changing nature of historic preservation means for the effort to preserve the nation’s past.


“This feisty, necessary, and useful book is like a visit to Williamsburg conducted jointly by Saul Alinsky and Carroll Meeks. Only better, because its essays represent points of view all along the intervening spectrum, but have in common a desire for the information offered to incite a beneficial outcome. This is no weary recital of preservation lore, but a call to consider an informed action. No one should accept trusteeship of the National Trust, or a local land trust, or a superintendency of a national or state park without a copy of this book in their kitbag. The writing is all good, and in some cases, such as the authors’ introduction, eloquent.” — Roger G. Kennedy, Director Emeritus, the National Museum of American History, and author of Mr. Jefferson’s Lost Cause

“Preservation has a long and interesting history, but the writers in this volume suggest that what we know–or think we know–about its origins, trends, and milestones may be flawed or downright erroneous. Challenging several long-held assumptions, and even toppling a few idols, Giving Preservation a History is lively, informative, thought-provoking, and very valuable.” — Richard Moe, President, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Vol. 2, No.1

“…helps to challenge established values and standards of American architectural history.

.” — CRM: The Journal of Heritage Stewardship

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